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Embedded/Firmware Developer

Cumming, Georgia, United States

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  • Posted :
    2017-09-13 20:23:39
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    Information Technology,Telecommunications
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    Open per year
  • Location :
    Cumming, Georgia
Job Expires in 24 days

Job Description

Embedded systems firmware specialist to assist with large re-architecting and porting project.

Creates system level design documents Writes well-structured and well-commented source code capable of being sustained long-term by other developers. Designs documentation to company coding standard. Analyzes, re-structures and ports existing source code base to new code base.

  • BS in Computer Science is required
  • Ten (10) years minimum recent experience in structured programming under C language is required
  • Five (5) years minimum recent experience with RTOS for Embedded products is required
  • Experience with Mentor Nucleus RTOS is a plus
  • Experience with Metrowerks CodeWarrior is a plus
  • Experience with Programmable Logic Controllers is a plus
  • Experience with Embedded systems for the industrial automation market is a plus
  • Proficiency in low-level languages (eg Assembler, ladder-logic, Machine-code) is a plus
  • Understanding of microprocessors and associated architectures (Address/Data buses, Memory addressing and management, peripheral connections, programming instruction sets) is required
  • Proficiency with Windows O/S environment is required
  • Experience with Integrated Development Environments (IDE) is strongly preferred
  • Basic understanding of peripheral interfaces including:
    • Serial communication hardware including RS232/485, USB, Ethernet, etc
    • Serial interface Protocols including industrial standards such as MODBus, TCP, UDP, etc
    • OSI basic reference model (ISO/IEC 7498-1), 7-layer stack

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Company Info

  • iStaff
  • 1325 Satellite Blvd, Suite 801,
    Suwanee, Georgia (United States)
  • Phone :
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